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Responsibility that pays off – Investments in health care properties.

For a long time, higher yielding investments in a real estate asset such as operator properties from the health care and social real estate sector remained the preserve of institutional investors. Through the sale of partial ownership units,
TAKECARE GmbH also opens this form of investment to private investors.

Unsere Pflegeimmobilien

Der Anspruch von TAKECARE® ist es, hochwertige Kapitalanlagen im Bereich der Senioren- & Pflegeimmobilien im deutschen Markt zu schaffen. Mit dem nachhaltigen Ziel, pflege- und hilfsbedürftigen Menschen ein Zuhause zu geben und Kapitalanlegern eine sichere und renditestarke Investitionsmöglichkeit zu bieten.

In addition to a careful selection of an operator and a high quality of the building substance, TAKECARE places a special emphasis on a sustainable micro and macro location for your capital investments.

Take Care

"to take care for somebody/something"

Creating added value for everyone who is involved. You may take our name literally


Ein nachhaltiges Investment, dessen Nachfrage das Angebot übersteigt


An ethically worthy investment with added value for society


A carefree capital investment as a result of state refinancing and above-average returns


An sustainable investment whose demand exceeds the supply. With the demographic change, the aging of society in Germany is having a lasting impact on larger areas of social life. In 2020, the starting signal was given for the baby boomer generation to gradually enter retirement age. The number of people with physical and mental impairments will increase sustainably and cause the need for care services to rise. Already Today, the demand for care places exceeds the supply in many places. The strong dynamics of the ageing process are expected after 2030, with a peak around 2050. In addition to the demographic development, the demand for care places is being strengthened above all by social change. The classic family model is changing towards two-earner and single households. In this context many parts of the countryside and the rural communities are ageing as a result. The developments are contrary to home care from the family and will further increase the demand for health care properties.


An ethically valuable investment with added social benefit - Anyone who has ever cared for a person in need of help at home knows that the physical and emotional strain is extreme not only for the person being cared for, but also for the relatives. Nevertheless, moving into a retirement home is seen by some as a "journey of no return". However, a move to a modern nursing home brings many advantages for those affected and their relatives. The elderly spend their twilight years together with their peers, receive all-round care and can take part in many events. And the situation also improves for caring relatives. They have no longer to worry, can recover from the strain and have more time for relaxed togetherness with the person in need of care. Every new care property is ethically an absolutely valuable investment with added social value, which helps to reduce the gaps in care and to give those in need of help and care a new home.


A carefree investment thanks to state refinancing and above-average returns - The demand market for nursing homes is demographically predetermined and independent of economic and cyclical trends. The predicted demand clearly exceeds the supply. In addition, the refinancing of our nursing homes is supported by the state, so that in all economic cycles the state's responsibility to fulfil the contract between the generations is paramount. Long-term rental contracts with terms averaging over 20 years with operators with strong credit ratings round off the carefree capital investment. An experienced manager takes care of the administration of the building and the lease agreement. This means significantly less effort for our capital investors compared to a classically rented residential property - and that with higher rents and lower acquisition and maintenance costs.


Under the umbrella of TAKECARE, strong cooperation along the value chain in senior and nursing care real estate are combined, consisting of the core competences of construction, operation, financing, purchase and sale.

The close cooperation of the individual cooperations results in numerous synergy effects, which ultimately benefit all parties involved: the TAKECARE company through in-depth market understanding and proximity to the operational business, the operating companies through properties selected according to their needs, the investors through capital investments with high potential for value appreciation, and the end users through perfectly planned, high-quality homes.

With heart and mind and the common goal of creating a home for people in need of care and assistance and offering investors a secure and high-yield investment opportunity.

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